About Tunisia

Tunisia is an eclectic blend of people and scenery and has allowed many individuals, couples and families to enjoy a beautiful time in this location.
Knowing where you are going to go and what you are going to do before arriving in Tunisia will enable you to capitalize off of the Tunisia experience.

All of Tunisia’s old cities with Medinas will have a souk within the old city area, the souks are generally spread among narrow streets with small stores in the surrounding buildings and even smaller kiosks and stalls. If you like to hunt for a bargain then a lot of similar souvenirs can be found I a number of stores allowing you to haggle. Some of the more interesting items including jewellery, antiques and handicrafts are unique and so you can spend days looking for items that really catch your interest, though haggle too hard and you could miss out.
In Tunis and a few other cities there are also main squares, in Tunis the main square is 14 Janvier square, formerly November 7 Square, and is regularly full of stalls selling primarily food and clothes, whereas permanent stores are more likely to sell electronics, tourist souvenirs and local rugs, carpets, ceramics, and leather and metal made objects. Though it may not be practical to get a whole carpet back with you on a plane the rugs on offer are much smaller and can be very beautiful.

The nightlife in Tunisia’s resorts is often manufactured and put together for tourists, while bars and nightclubs are similar to what you would find in Europe. Though in many places shows are put on which claim to be traditional Tunisian performances but often are nothing of the sort. Tunisian dancing can be very elegant and should be done to the sounds of Pipes and Drums, a genuine show though should be mesmerizing without being vulgar. Other shows follow stereotypes of what tourists expect including snake charmers, sword swallowers, knife juggling and belly dancing all of which have little place in Tunisian culture.

Tunisia has many festivals including not only local or national festivals but a number of regional and also truly international festivals.
The Carthage International Festival is a major summertime event with dance, art, theatre, opera and classical music including many of the best artists and performers from around the Mediterranean and Arab world. This shouldn’t be confused with the important Carthage Film Festival in October.
Other festivals include many music and dance festivals including the Carthage Jazz festival and Acapella international music festival in Tunis.
The International Festival of the Sahara in Douz is one of the most unique festivals though and as well as being an important social event for the nomadic people of the Sahara it is a tourist attraction as well. The Bedouin people come here to meet, exchange knowledge and stories and compete in games including camel racing and horse racing and other events based on important nomadic skills such as hunting rabbits with desert hunting dogs.

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